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Laihui Profile:

Laihui was established in 1985, under the guidance of late Oja Thongam Thoiba (Pena Guru). Currently the center is has been functioning in consultation with various experts and gurus from various field viz. Maharaj Kumari Binodini (Cultural Activist & Eminent Writer), Oja Kh. Mangi, (Pena Guru), Oja L. Yaima (Pena), Oja Th. Ningthemjao (Pena), Ema O. Dhani (Amaibi), Ema Langathel Thoinu (Moirang-Sai), Oja Bidhu (Amaiba), Oja E. Chaobhal (Cholom Nata Sankirtana), Oja Deven (Thag-Ta), Dr. K.B. Singh (Sociologist), Dr. W. Ibohal Singh (Political Scientist) Dr. L. Gojendra (Theatre Director), Smt. Priti Patel (Manipuri Dance Exponent), Mr. Somi Roy (international Manipuri cultural activist). Now Laihui has its own land stead and seeking for funding to establish a studio theatre.

So far, Laihui had conducted various intense researches on Traditional and Indigenous Arts of Manipur. Many gurus and artistes of this centre have engaged themselves in various Seminars, Workshops and Performances in and outside India. Since 1995, every five years, Laihui has been organizing “Festival of Traditional Performing Arts”. In the year 1990 a training center was established at the residences of Oja Kh. Mangi, receipient of Padmasri and Sangeet Natak Akademy Award, Ema Langathel Thoinui recipient of State Kala Academy Award and Sangeet Bhushan Award and Ema Amaibi Dhani, recipient of State Kala Academy Award to preserve “Oja Khanba” (Guru-Shishya Parampara System of Learning). Ever since the establishment of this Centre many young and educated performers are taking active part in the activities that helps rejuvenate the rare indigenous performing arts like, Pena, Khunung Eshei, Tangkhul-Nurabi, Moirang Parva (Traditional Theatre), Moirang-Sai and Amaibi Dances. Since 2012 “Play Pena” a regular free class on Pena and Folk Music for all age group has been running continuously.

Since year 2000 we have one standing director Sri Mayanglambam Mangangsana, recipient of Ustad Vismillah Khan Puruskar Award 2008 and a team of dedicated artistes are receiving training to becoming a perfect repertoire. We are proud of having highly qualified and talented artistes in the field of traditional Manipuri arts today and periodical performances by our artistes have been widely acclaimed and the recognition extended to Laihui has reached not only national but international status, like; (a) Presentation of “Songs and Shaman Dances” at prestigious World Music Festival 2007 at Peter Norton Symphony Space, Broadway New York, invited by World Music Institute (WMI) and Asian Cultural Council (ACC) New York, (b) Cultural performance at “Opening of Sixth Session of UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issue 2007” at UN Head Quarter, New York, (c) Presentation of “Phouoibi – the rice goddess” at Tapestry of Sacred Music 2013 Singapore, (d) Presentation of “Harao Seigonnabi” at Esplanade Dan:se Festival 2015 at Singapore  etc.

Laihui stands for the preservation and propagation of ancient traditional performing arts through performances, with a modern and contemporary perspective. At present this institute is run by M. Mangangsana and a team of his dedicated talented artiste.