Kao – the sacred bull


Kao – the sacred bull (2010)

A soothsayer prophesised that the Moirang king will soon end his life and people will face untold misery unless the bull roaming at large in the Khuman territory be roped and offered to their diety Thangjing.

Khamba, was known for his bravery, righteousness and resoluteness. He was an orphan and attained adulthood under the protective guidance of his poor sister Khamnu. Catching the bull without harming him was not an easy task. Sensing the perilous situation to which Khamba would be exposed in catching the bull. Khamnu disclosed to her brother the secrecy for taming the bull which was loved and revered as if it was a member of the family since the days of their parents.

Directed by M. Mangangsana

Performers & crews: 20

Duration: 1 hr